This privacy policy, in accordance with European GDPR rules, is a synthetic and complete communication of what customer data we use, how we use it, how it is protected, and how long we keep it.

The essential points:

  1. Holiday Garda SRL collects and uses your personal data ONLY for the express and essential functions required to provide our service. This will be detailed below.

  2. Holiday Garda SRL will NEVER use your personal data for unsollicited marketing or sales of our product

  3. Holiday Garda SRL will NEVER sell your personal data to third parties.


What personal data do we collect?

For the fullfiment of our service, we require the following data from all clients booking a property from Holiday Garda:

  1. Full Name

  2. Home Address

  3. Mobile Phone number

  4. Email Address

  5. Fiscal Code (Italians only)

  6. Document number (lead guests only, s/he named in the contract)

  7. Date of Birth

  8. Country of Birth

  9. Country of Citizenship

  10. Sex


What do we use this data for?

  1. For the purpose of managing the booking communications and providing our service and assistance to the guest.

  2. For the purpose of the official documentation (contract and invoicing) in accordance with Italian law

  3. For the purpose of registering each guest staying in our villas, in accordance with Italian and European law (art.109 del T.U.L.P.S. (R.D. 773/1931 e succ. modif.)and D.M. Interno del 7.01.2013)

  4. For the purpose of statistical registration with the tourist authority ISTAT (according to EU rule n. 692/2011 and Italian law art. 7 del D.Lsg n. 322/1989 e dal D.P.R. 24 settembre 2015)

  5. For the purpose of registration with the local municipality and payment of the local tourist tax.


How is your data collected and protected?

All data is collected and stored in complete security. We do not keep any sensitive or personal data stored locally on computers or hard drives. All personal data is stored and managed ONLY on the secure cloud using guaranteed third party services.


  1. We collect your data via the booking process online, through the secure channel the guest has used to confirm the booking:

  1. We use, store and transmit your electronic data only online in secure storage and movement facilities including:

  1. We are required to keep paper copies of fiscal documentazione (the invoicing), and these are stored in the secure facilities of Studio Nolli, accountants in Puegnago del Garda.


For how long will we keep your data?

  1. Data required for invoicing and contracts must be kept for 10 years in paper format according to Italian law

  2. Data required for managing our service and guest communications will be kept for 3 years then automatically deleted from our system

  3. Data required for submissions to the local, regional and state authorities will be kept for 3 years then automatically deleted from our system.


Cookie Policy

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  3. Anonymous analysis of site usage trends with the purpose of bettering our offering and services according to what our clients are most interested in.