OUR TEAM Holiday Garda is a specialist agency dealing in short term self catering holiday villa rentals. We are all travellers, and appreciate what you want and need when on holiday, and we asked ourselves “why should self catering mean second rate comfort or service?”
We are here, on the spot, and closely tied to all of the villas we manage, and our aim is to make your self catering stay as comfortable, safe, and clean as any quality hotel stay. We take the risk out of self catering rentals, and leave all the independence, relaxation and fun.

THE PARTNERS Christina Ayer,  Sales and Marketing Director: is mother tongue English speaking, born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. She also speaks fluent Italian and mediocre French.

Christina has been living in this area of Garda for more than 16 years, and knows what its like to be a stranger in a strange land. She knows where to find many of the hard-to-find pleasures of home (need maple syrup? Or how about can't breakfast without baked beans?!) and how to help you adapt and adjust most comfortably to Italy, Garda, and the way things work here.

Christina's background is in Internet marketing, and her job is to manage the villa marketing, bookings, and all the guest communications and needs while here.


Novella Battani, Guest Services Director is Italian, born and raised in Salò.  She is an expert in luxury service and high-end quality travel accomodation.  She has travelled extensively, and lived for years in New York, London, Rome and Paris.  She  speaks fluent Italian, English, German and French, and has worked as an on-the-spot translator and interpreter for international organisations. She understands the needs of travellers visiting here from abroad, and has a deep ingrained local knowledge.  

She is responsible for ensuring every aspect of our guests' stay is comfortable and perfect, from the properties themselves and their preparation, to special experiences organised for you in the villa, to assistance to make all your interactions with local services and the local area both easy and stress-free.

Cristina Bonomi: Property Management Director is Italian, lived in this area for many years. Her background is in real estate and property management.

She is expert on the properties and their maintenance, and it is her job to find, inspect and verify new villas and to manage our relationships with the villa owners, making sure that they do all that is necessary to make the villa comfortable and wonderful for your stay, from demanding extra pillows to organising plumbers and maintenance men to fix up every angle, to coordinating maintenance, gardeners, pool cleaners, and all the teams it takes to keep a villa in tip top shape.