Learn the fundamental techniques of Italian cooking, and bring the taste of Italy home with you this year. Our chef will come to your villa, equipped with all the ingredients and tools you will need. All courses are accompanied by a translator. At the end of each course, you get to enjoy the finished dishes all together.  4 wonderful courses to choose from, two with Holiday Garda chefs Renata and Josephine and two with local gastronome and chef Maria Pasotti. 

Italian Chef For a Day Cooking Class
This Cooking Class is a full experience of exploring, cooking and tasting the Italian traditional gastronomic culture. We’ll use vegetables and herbs picked fresh from the garden and high-quality Italian ingredients sourced by the best artisanal
producers. We will learn and cook a 4-course menu with typical recipes from different Italian regions. The menu is constantly changing, depending on the season. Once the cooking is done, we’ll make a toast with an aperitivo for our good
work. Finally, we’ll end all sitting together at a table enjoying a special Italian meal and having a slow living time. (as we Italians do). With Chef Maria Pasotti
Duration: circa 5 hours.
€115 per person, minimum 8 people

Homemade Pasta Cooking Class (long class)
Would you like to learn the real Italian homemade pasta from scratch? The Cooking Class is about discovering the secrets of the authentic Italian homemade pasta. We will have fun kneading the dough and creating different formats of pasta such as tagliatelle, lasagnette, ravioli combined with typical Italian regional sauces for a ‘Taste travel around Italy’ through homemade pasta. At the end of the Cooking Class, you will enjoy an Italian aperitivo with a glass of wine, 2 pasta dishes prepared together and a delicious Italian dessert. With Chef Maria Pasotti
Duration: circa 5 hours.
€95 per person, minimum 8 people

The secrets of Italian Pasta (short class)
Learn how to prepare Italian pasta from scratching, mixing and rolling the dough, cutting and shaping the pasta, and preparing the traditional Italian ragu meat sauce. You will make both tagliatelle, the classic hand-cut long pasta, and filled tortellini, shaped and filled by hand. Choose your tortellini filling from: 1)Ricotta, spinach and Parmesan with gargnano lemon zest, 2) speck cured ham and potatoes, or 3) salmon. If you have a particular special filling you want to learn, just ask! Interpreter included.
Course duration: circa 3 hours
€280 euros for a group of up to 6 people, 30 euros per extra person.

Pizza Party
All the secrets and techniques of traditional Italian Pizza making. First, mixing the dough from scratch, and while it is rising, stretch and prepare already risen dough made earlier by the chef. Learn how to make Pizza tomato sauce, and let your creativity flow with the fillings and toppings. While your pizza is in the oven, Chef will teach you how to make a traditional Tiramisu' dessert. Interpreter included.
Course duration: circa 2 hours
€240 euros for a group of up to 6 people, 30 euros per extra person