Learn the fundamental techniques of Italian cooking, and bring the taste of Italy home with you this year. Our chef will come to your villa, equipped with all the ingredients and tools you will need. All courses are accompanied by a translator. At the end of each course, you get to enjoy the finished dishes all together.  4 wonderful courses to choose from, two with Holiday Garda chefs Renata and Josephine and two with local gastronome and chef Maria Pasotti. 

CHEF Maria Pasotti
Cooking Class & Lunch/Dinner

Would you like to live a real Italian Cooking Experience?
Choose your Cooking:

Where: at Good Food Home or at your private villa
Duration: 3/4/5 hours (including final lunch)
What: Half a day hands-on Cooking Class
Included: brochure with recipes, cooking class, lunch
Participants: minimum 6 guests at your villa
Teenagers from 6 to 12 years old, 75€ per person

Homemade Pasta Cooking - € 115 per person
Would you like to learn the Italian homemade pasta from scratch?
The cooking course is about discovering the secrets of the authentic Italian homemade pasta. We will have fun kneading and cutting different pasta shapes such as tagliatelle, lasagnette and ravioli. We’ll cook two typical Italian regional sauces for a ‘Taste travel around Italy’ through homemade pasta. At the end of the Cooking Class, we’ll enjoy an Italian aperitif with Lugana fine local white-wine and a tasty bruschetta. At the table the 2 pasta dishes and a delicious Italian Tiramisù cooked together.  Limoncello liquor from Lake Garda will be the sweet end of your experience.
Duration: 4h
Starting time: 10.00
115€ per person.
(Scheduled one or twice a week at our villa for an open group of maximum 10 people)

Made in Italy with Me Cooking - € 135 per person
Would you like to cook like a contemporary Italian cook?
The Cooking Class is a fully experience of exploring, cooking and tasting the Italian traditional gastronomic culture and Good Food’s modern cooking. We’ll use vegetables and herbs picked up from the garden and high-quality Italian ingredients sourced by the best artisanal producers. During the cooking course, we’ll cook a 4-course menù made up of traditional Italian recipes from the North to the South. A typical Italian antipasto with seasonal vegetables, a handmade pasta dish, a fish/meat second course and a delicious dessert with fruits and icecream. Once the cooking is done, we’ll make a toast for our good job with the fine sparkling Franciacorta wine. Finally, you’ll end all sitting around a table, elegantly set with Italian ceramics, linen napkins and fresh flowers from our garden. You’ll enjoy the warmth of Italian hospitaly and delicious dishes paired with the local Chiaretto Rosè wine. Passito liquor from Sicily will be the sweet end of your experience.
Duration: 5h
Starting time: 9.30
per person
CHEF Josephine

Join our hands-on, practical pasta making class with Josephine, a professional chef Celebrate a birthday, gather your family far afun activity, party withfriends or organise a team building event, any excuse is perfect to attend Josephine's cooking class.
Atfirst, you will enjoy a proper Italian aperitif with prosecco and bruschetta, then you will learn how to make a genuine Italian meals with high quality ingredients, far example:
After having cooked together you will all sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour alongside delicious locai white and red wine.
Josephine will professionally guide you though all the necessary steps, making it interesting,fun and easyfor you to follow.
  • Bruschetta withfresh Italian tomatoes and basil
  • Fresh pasta made from scratch: Tagliatelle, Ravioli, Gnocchi, Orecchiette, ecc.
  • Ragout (meat / Bolognese sauce)
  • Spinach and Ricotta Raviolifilling
  • Dessert (Tiramisù, Chocolate Cake)
Minimum people: 8 Duration: 3/ 4 hours
Price Adults: C 75 Teenagers from 4 to 12 years old: C 60
Booking will be confirmed once the deposit will be received.
Deposit required: 40% has to be paid to the PayPal account:
Please note that the deposit is not refundable.
In case of cancellation less than 48 hrs from the date of the service, a penalty of the 50% will be applied.

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Vasocottura literally means 'Pot Cooking'. Food is cookes, pasteurized, vacuum packed and sterilized directly in jars glass and then reasy for use.
Why jar cooking? It's technique ancient traditional now back in fashion because it has so many advantages, first of all the possibility of cooking high quality dishes quality and store them in the refrigerator for over 30 days, preserving its flavors and fragrances.