Our Chefs are specialised in local and traditional italian dishes, with a special magic skill with sweets. They have developed a series of menu and service options especially designed to make the most of your experience in the villa, combining perfect Italian restaurant food and service with the ease and relaxation of eating in your own villa.
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CHEFS Mahara and Manuel

We are Mahara and Manuel, and for us food is much more than fuel. Food is curiosity. Food is discovery. Food is passion. Like two young lovers, we have been travelling looking for different culinary experiences, because any single places have a traditional food, and that is exactly what we want to recreate for you!
Discover the local food from Garda Lake, enjoy top selection of meat and cheese, live a complete experience at your Villa with the perfect combination of food and wine.

CHEFS Josephine

Cooking with Josephine..your private chef.
One of the main characteristics of Italian cuisine is its simplicity: many complete dishes made only with a few fresh ingredients of very high quality.
Jo cooking will provide you with passionate chef/s and an unforgettable day or evening in the company of friends, a romantic or business partner.
Whether you are planning a birthday party, an italian style brunch or aperitif, or even cooking classes, we have got you covered.
Experience high quality, traditional Italian food, like a true local.