Arrive to find the villa already fully stocked with your groceries. Just send us your grocery list and we will do it all for you. Avoid the hike to the supermarket and back with heavy bags.

Grocery Shopping and Villa Stocking
Just give us your shopping list, including quantities and varieties (eg: full fat milk, 2 litres. Strawberry yoguhurt, 1 litre) and we will do your groceries for you and deliver them to your villa.  Perfect for villa stocking before your arrival, so you arrive and find the villa already full stocked, but also during your stay so you can avoid the chore of shopping and spend your time having fun and relaxing instead.
€90 plus the cost of groceries

Runner Service
Missing lemons for your Gin and Tonic? Forgot the charcoal for the BBQ? Call our Runners! We will pick up whatever you need and bring it straight to the villa.
€30 plus cost of products acquired.
To book this service, email our Guest Services Director, Novella Battani or call her on +39 331 383 0506.