Treat yourself to a luxuriant personalised massage and professional beauty treatments. Spoil yourself, your family and your deserve it! Immerse yourself in luxury with a relaxing spa treatment in the privacy of your villa. Mix and match treatments to create a special spa / beauty day!
Price for all treatments: €60 per hour plus €20 call out charge.

Our head masseuse / beautician Angelica is an expert in luxury massage and beauty treatments. She has worked over 25 years as both as a masseuse and beautician, running her own spa and studio,and working for some of the most reknown and famous luxury spas in the area. Her magic hands understand your body and her massages are a combination of techniques chosen to give just what your muscles need.

Personalised Massage Treatments:
Relaxing or curative, soft or strong, the magic hands of our masseuse understand your body from first touch. She uses a wide variety of massage types to adapt the massage to give you what your body needs.

Exfoliating Body Massage
A delicious combination of exfoliating body treatment with a full body massage. The exfoliating granules are added to the massage oils. As she works your muscles with her wonderful massage, she is also revitalising and deep cleansing your skin.
Hands and Feet Treatments:
Expert Manicures and Pedicures. You can choose either an estethic treatment, with regular or semi-permanent gel polish, or a full curative treatment with peeling, scraping, cleansing, corn treatment.

Facial Treatments:
Luxurious full facial treatments start with cleansing, peeling and exfoliation, then go on to hydration and anti-aging facial serum with restructuring mask, and finish off with a final facial massage with delicate cream.

Full Body Treatments:
Full body exfoliating and peeling treatments, hydrating treatments, cleansing treatments. Feel clean and shining all over.

Tipping is not required, but much appreciated!