You're on holiday...who wants to do chores? Let us do it all for you, and you don't have to lift a finger! Our professional cleaners can clean the whole house, or just the parts you need.  They can change the linens, and help you with laundry and dry cleaning.  The can do your ironing, and help unpack your luggage and pack it up again at the end of your stay.

Housekeeping Services

Our professional cleaners will come and clean as much or as little as you need.  You can have a custom service, paying by the hour for them to do just the parts of the house you want done.  Or you can order the most common standard services:

Light Housekeeping: This service is included once or twice per week in the price of the villa, but if you want it more often, just ask.  The cleaners will do the minimum for hygiene and comfort, just the bathrooms and the floors, and they will remove the rubbish.  Average is 1 hour for 2 two cleaners, and can be more for larger villas.  

Full Cleaning: The cleaners will clean the whole house top to bottom, including the kitchen and the bedrooms, and making all the beds, but not changing the linens.  Average is 3 cleaners for 2-6 hours, and can be more for larger villas.

Just the Kitchen: Let our cleaners do all your dishes, and scour the kitchen clean from top to bottom.  Average is 1 cleaner for 1.5 hours per kitchen.

Price: 20 euros per cleaner per hour
Extra Linen Change
Full service change of all the bed linens (including stripping and remaking the beds) and all of the towels
€130 per service up to 10 people €160 up to 18

Extra Towels
If you want more towels, just ask.  We will bring you extra towel sets (4 towels including pool towel) for €10 each

Bathrobes are not part of the standard linen provision.  Our linen service can provide thick soft luxury bathrobes for an extra cost of €5 each.  They need to be ordered a few days in advance, so we can organise the order and delivery from the linen service.

Dry Cleaning Service
We will pick up your dry cleaning, get it cleaned and bring it back. Same day service must be picked up by 9.30.
€35 per service, plus dry cleaning costs.

Ironing and Suitcase unpacking and packing
Our expert laundress will come to your villa and iron all you need. She can also help unpack your clothes and put them away in the cupboards, and help you pack up again at the end of your stay.
€20 per hour

To book this service, email our Guest Services Director, Novella Battani or call her on +39 331 383 0506.